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Vijayalakshmi Kala Chana: A Nutritional Treasure and Cultural Legacy

Vijayalakshmi Kala Chana
Introduction Vijayalakshmi Kala Chana, commonly known as black chickpeas or Kala Chana in India, transcends mere culinary delight. It is a cultural treasure deeply rooted in the country’s rich history, both in cuisine and agriculture. With origins tracing back to the 13th century, these legumes have become a staple in Indian households, not just for […]
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Vijayalakshmi Deer Brand Toor Dal: Tradition, Quality, and the Essence of Home

Introduction:Toor dal holds a special place in Indian households. It is a staple in Indian cuisine, cherished for its wholesome qualities. Unlike other dals, Toor dal brings a unique and authentic flavour to the table. It serves as an excellent starting point for those exploring the vast world of Indian recipes. In this blog, we […]
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10 Benefits of Deer Brand

In the world of pulses and lentils, not all brands are created equal. When it comes to choosing the best for your family, you want something that goes beyond the ordinary. That's where Deer Brand comes in. We're proud to bring you farm-fresh pulses that offer a multitude of benefits for your kitchen and your health.
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