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Pulses: The Sustainable and Delicious Key to a Healthy Diet

Power of pulses | Deer Brand
A healthy diet is crucial for leading a vibrant, active life. Our bodies require all the nutrients, and traditional Indian cuisine is a fantastic source of essential minerals and nutrients. Pulses are a staple in Indian meals, for their delicious flavours and impressive nutritional value. What Are Pulses? Pulses are edible seeds from plants, coming […]
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6 Types of Protein-Rich Indian Dals and Their Benefits

Types of Protein-Rich Indian Dals
Protein is an essential nutrient that plays a crucial role in the development and maintenance of our body, brain, bones, and overall immunity. For vegetarians and vegans, especially in India, dals are a primary source of this vital nutrient. Packed with protein and other essential nutrients, dals have been an inseparable part of Indian cuisine. […]
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